Competitions, Festivals and Awards

Upper Island Music Festival:

Congratulations to the following students who  participated and performed beautifully in the Upper Island Music Festival 2016!

Hannah Wilson’s  students: Levi Hunter, Verena Wessler, Caelen Hill, Verena Wessler, Benjamin Rainer, Daniel Rainer and  Jeremy Rainer. Karl Rainer’s students: Pattyra Pomsinsub, Jade McConville, Miles Zeweniuk, Nicola  Groome. Daniel Taylor, Chlöe Hardbattle, Ella Wyndlow, Anthony Yang, Kipling Szasz, Joo-Young  Jung, Peter Heyd. Lucy Toews, Ethan McDermid, Daniel Mottahedeh, Levi Hunter, Joan Blackman’s  students: Maddy Erickson and Max Sander. Leslie Krull’s student: Hannah Maughan. Mary Jackson’s  students Kayden Borsa, Chyvonne Borsa, Zina Okereke, Kanyito Okereke, Zikora Okereke, and Mary  Jackson’s and Nicole Arendt’s co-taught students: Wyatt Bouchard, Magnus Warren, Brooklynn Currell,  Tyanna Currell, Tate Robinson, Dru Robinson, Moyo Alabi and Tehya Clegg. Cindy Speelman’s  students: Moji Alabi,Robyn Boar, Vreny Bryner, Rae Ann Charalambous, Sage Culp, Alex Godfrey, Ella  Hannesson, Jessica Hutchinson, Uei-Young Jung, Emma Koltronis, Jocelyn Maguire, Jake McDermid,  Val Rantis and Elaine Tschofen. Pippa Williams’ students: Sasha Stajic, Michelle Hatfield, Rupert  Millbank, Laura Mace, Jack Mace and James McDermid.

Upper Island Music Festival Bursary Winners:

Congratulations to all of our Bursary  winners: Max Sander, Ian Perry, Peter Heyd, Jack Mace, Laura Mace, Lucy Toews, Uei-Young Jung,  Jonah Manson, Kipling Szasz, Benjamin Rainer and Tehya Clegg.

The following bursary winners have  been invited to perform: Anthony Yang – Youngsters Dance, and Maddy Erickson – Scherzo Tarantella.

BC Provincial Festival Competitors:

Congratulations to our faculty on their excellent  work with their students.

Bouquets to both Nanaimo Youth Choirs, who are recommended for the Provincials.

Kudos for their excellent work to the following students who have also been recommended:  Strings:  Intermediate – Max Sander, Competitor- Lucy Toews, Observer/Alternate, Junior B – Peter Heyd, Competitor, Junior A – Anthony Yang, Competitors, Joan Blackman’s violin students – Max Sander and Madeleine Erickson.

Congratulations to Cindy Speelman’s students who will be performing at the Honours Concert:  Robyn Boar, Uei-Young Jung, and Jocelyn Maguire. Bravo to Patrick Olmsted’s student Jonah Manson, who will be performing at the Honours concert.

Vancouver Island Chamber Music Festival:

This past year in 2016 the Vancouver Island Chamber Music Festival  featured some extraordinary music ensembles. Exciting performing artists  in concert at the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre included: Bernard Blary and Alec Pearson, Le Bourgeoise Trio, Orquesta Paraguas, Pinnacle Brass, the South Island Percussion Unit, and the Vancouver String Quartet.

The Borealis String Quartet with David Braid concert took place in co-presentation with Lulu Performing Arts on Gabriola Island and was also a great success.  With much thanks to Lulu Performing Arts for co-presenting with us for such an enjoyable evening!

The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music features concerts throughout the year. Keep up to date by following us on facebook at Nanaimo Conservatory of Music and by checking our website