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The NCM office is open to take in registrations for the new 2021-2022 lesson year.  All registrations can still be processed via email. Forms for registration and the pre-authorized payment plan can be found further down the page. Simply scan the forms back to INFO@NCMUSIC.CA followed by either an E-transfer or credit card payment, which can be processed over the phone. Please call the office for more information on E-transfers.

The NCM has a Reopening Plan in place which does include proof of vaccinations. Please click HERE for more details.

Starting September 7, we are going forward with in-person lessons and group instruction. For those students and families who may not be ready to come back for in-person lessons, we are still offering online lessons. You will need to speak with your instructor and let the office know upon registration. All students must be registered and arrangements for tuition must be in place before the lessons begin.

Through the lesson year, you will need to notify the office of any changes to the original registration ex: length of lessons, illness or missing lessons for an extended period of time.

The hand sensitization stations will still be around the school, and we ask that you continue to use them upon entering the NCM and keep up with frequent hand washing. We will be keeping better cleaning processes in place for the safety and well-being of everyone.

We are hoping that the worst of COVID is over but please do keep in mind that if the need arises again, we will need to switch all our students back to online learning temporarily. We understand that this can be an inconvenience, but our main concern is the safety of our students, families and faculty.

We are excited to welcome everyone back in the fall




The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music enrolls students for either the full School Term (September 2021 through to June 2022) or the Summer Term ( July 2022 to August  2022). Tuition payments are calculated according to the number of lessons in each term.


The office is closed on all statutory holidays.

Some instructors may elect to come in and teach on statutory holidays.  Some instructors have indicated they may not teach on statutory holidays. All tuitions will reflect the preference of each instructor. Please check with your instructor to go over your schedule if you have questions.

Important dates 2021-2022/
The NCM office will be closed during statutory holidays. *This does not necessarily affect individual student lesson times.*

Labour Day – Monday, September 6                              New Year’s Day – Saturday, January 1
Thanksgiving Day – Monday, October 11                      Family Day – Monday, February 21
Remembrance Day – Wednesday, November 11           Good Friday – Friday, April 15
Winter Holidays – December 21 – January 4                  Victoria Day – Monday, May 23


Students typically have one lesson per week from September to June, unless alternate arrangements are made directly with the office and instructor.  Students may begin individual lessons at any time during the school year.

Students will be referred to an appropriate instructor based on:  musical background, goals and availability.  Students may request lessons with a specific instructor, but the NCM cannot guarantee availability.


Students in group classes typically begin their studies in September. Classes fill up quickly. If space permits and the instructor agrees, a student may join a class already in progress.


Tuition and other fees must be paid before a student’s first lesson, class or ensemble.  There are several ways to pay tuitions; cheque, cash, credit card/debit or E-transfer. A monthly payment plan is also available.

 Other fees:
*  Returned cheque – $30.00 charged for any cheque refused for any reason by the bank.
*  Refund processing fee -$25.00
*  Late fees* -$10.00 per month
*  Transaction Fee – $2.25 per payment for credit card and debit only.

*Tuition for summer lessons must be paid before the first summer lesson taken.



Payment is required at the time of registration for the current term.  Method of payments accepted are cheques, debit card, credit card, E-transfer or cash.  A monthly payment plan is available upon request. There is a form to fill out accompanied by a void cheque.  The total tuition is paid over equal monthly installments by pre-authorized debit on the 30th of each month, beginning with the first month of enrollment and continuing until the end of the term.


Bursary applications are available by request through the office. Bursaries are applied as a discount against tuition fees.  Bursaries only cover a portion of tuition costs and are not refundable.


Students are expected to be present for all scheduled lessons. There are NO refunds on cancelled lessons by students.

If an instructor cancels a lesson, he/she is obligated to make up that lesson.

The NCM reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine classes and to limit registration or change instructors.  Should insufficient registration cause the cancellation of a class, fees will be refunded, or the student may transfer to another class if room is available.


The Registration Fee is non-refundable and due every year.  The fee covers the lesson year from September – August.


Group Classes and Ensembles
Full refunds will be processed by contacting the office a minimum of 72 hours before the program start date (less supply costs).  Full refunds are issued when the NCM cancels a program.  Refunds will not be given once the course begins, except in cases of illness or injury, accompanied by a doctor’s letter. If a doctor’s letter is produced, a pro-rated refund will be given for the class.

Individual Lessons
All withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing or by email to the office.  A two-lesson notice is required to withdraw from individual lessons.  In the case of injury or illness only, the two lesson notice will be waived upon receipt of a doctor’s letter.  Once notice is received and confirmed by the teacher, then a refund can be processed.


The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music (“NCM”) recognizes the right of all members of the conservatory community, including administrative staff, faculty, students, and parents, to learn, work, consult and otherwise associate in an environment free from harassment, discrimination, and bullying. The NCM recognizes its role in actively supporting employees’ and contracted faculty’s work to prevent discrimination and harassment of students and their families. The NCM will not tolerate any conduct that could be classified as harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying, and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that no employee, contracted faculty member, student, or parent is subjected to such behaviours. The NCM complies with the BC Human Rights Code and is committed to providing healthful environments in which fairness and respect are modelled.  A detailed Harassment, Privacy and Confidentiality Policy is available by clicking here.


2021 – 2022 Course Catalog